Ancient holistic medicine to keep you healthy and balanced in the modern world...

Traditional Chinese medicine is an ancient and complete system of medicine. The first Chinese medical compilation still in use (and still studied by all Chinese medical students), The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, was written in 475 BC. Chinese medical theory has been continuously developed and refined for the past three thousand years by each succeeding generation of Chinese medical physicians.

Chinese medicine has been practiced as the primary form of healthcare in China for over 3,000 years, and continues to be practiced today side by side with western medicine in hospitals and private clinics. Although acupuncture is the branch of Chinese medicine that is most widely known in the U.S., herbal medicine is an extremely important branch in China, where individualized herbal formulas are administered to thousands daily in Traditional Chinese Medicine hospitals. More than three hundred herbs commonly used in Chinese herbal formulas today have been in constant use for over 2,000 years.

As a holistic medicine, Chinese medicine treats the whole person. Chinese medicine practitioners focus on determining and treating the root cause of illness in the body/mind/spirit. Chinese medicine can be used to treat all illness, although like all forms of medicine, it has inherent strengths and weaknesses. While western medicine is superior at emergency medicine and effecting quick and radical change, Chinese medicine excels at gradually effecting changes in the way the body reacts, and at treating minor problems that affect every day life, such as problems with digestion, sleep, stress levels, hormonal problems, as well as regularizing menstruation, promoting fertility, etc.